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Area of Concentration Procedures

Students wishing to identify an individual Area of Concentration may do so by means of the following procedure:

1. The student should first consult with his/her adviser about personal curriculum objectives.

2. In consultation with the adviser and perhaps other faculty, the student should develop a plan of courses that constitute an Area of Concentration.

3. The student should prepare a written summary of his/her proposed curriculum plan on the Area of Concentration form. Only the approved form, revised July 2007, will be accepted. The form is an MS Word Form and must be typed; download the form below. NOTE: use the tab key to move to the next field. This summary should include the following:

◊ A statement of rationale as per instructions on the form
◊ Title of the Area of Concentration (major)
◊ A list of courses and/or other experiences directly related to the Area of Concentration (major)
◊ Provide a copy of a comparable program (major) from another institution.

4. The student should submit this curriculum plan to the adviser and additional faculty member(s) as necessary for approval. The request for approval should then be forwarded to the appropriate Division Chair and to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean. The Dean's Office will send a notification of approval of the student's Area of Concentration to the student, the adviser, other identified faculty, the Division Chair, and the Registrar.

5. Any changes in the curriculum program plan should be submitted in writing, signed by the adviser, and transmitted to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean.

Area of Concentration Form