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Curriculum Change Form and Instructions

Curriculum Change Forms (including ECAS forms)

Proposing a new course or revising an existing course:

Forms to use during catalog production years: (Note: 2016-17 is a "catalog year.")

  • Form A - Discipline Summary of Catalog Changes
  • Form B - Discipline Objectives and Major/Minor Requirements Changes
  • Multiple Course Revisions Form (for showing changes for several courses on one form)

What is PCAS?

The Program and Curriculum Approval System (PCAS) is a University of Minnesota Web-based program used for creating and modifying majors and minors and other degree programs.  This program went live in the spring of 2006.  In most cases, disciplines proposing to change the major or minor requirements should use the Form B above to indicate the desired changes.  Once the changes have been approved through the Curriculum Committee and Campus Assembly, the Division contact person will enter the approved changes into the PCAS system. 

A University of Minnesota x.500 login is required to enter the PCAS system to view current approved programs and proposals awaiting approval.  For additional information about PCAS, go to the PCAS Resources page.