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Policy on Sponsored Projects Reports

The following policy was approved by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors on January 6, 2004:

All grant related reports that will be sent to the sponsor must be reviewed by the appropriate Division Chair, Dean/VC and/or the Chancellor before they leave campus.

For reports (and/or actual requests) that are required for receiving continuing funding, the principal investigator must work with the pre-award grants coordinator to prepare and route the work plan, budget and Proposal Routing Form for signatures as appropriate.

Reports containing financial information must also be reviewed by the Grants Office (and potentially Sponsored Projects Administration, Twin Cities) prior to the Dean/VC/Chancellor review.

It is the responsibility of the Project Director/Principal Investigator to make arrangements with the grants office and reviewer(s) at least one month prior to the agency report due date to assure adequate time will be available for the review. [The minimum internal due date will be one working week per reviewing office prior to the agency due date unless other arrangements are made.]

The PI/Project Director will immediately notify the Grants Office of any requests for information or requests for reports received from the sponsor.


The Grants Office will send out a reminder three weeks in advance of the internal due date to the PI/Project Director and copy the appropriate Vice Chancellor.